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Safety’s First Man

Meet Formula One’s most underrated driver

Keep the checkered flag in check, but break out the bubbly. It’s time to honor Bernd Mayländer, our undisputed favorite driver in Formula One. No, he doesn’t gobble up championships like Schumachers and Andrettis; he keeps men like them alive. Mayländer, 41, is the official and sole driver of the safety car, which sets the pace in case of poor driving conditions (rain, sleet or snow rollers) or, more often, in the event of a crash on the track. Why do we envy Bernd so? Because the best view of a Formula One race is in the rear-view mirror of his gull-wing Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG (the fastest safety car ever in the sport). Mayländer earned his tenure through consistent driving in all conditions, but even the man with the steadiest hands in the world requires a copilot to drive with him in every race. (It’s the rules.) While we cook up a way to get inside that car and be that honored passenger, we’re leaving you with a superb pileup of items inspired by Formula One. Now get out there and turn left! And then turn left again. And again.

Garagistes Galore

Don’t call them grease monkeys

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The Big Prize

Grand Prix for you and me

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