Life, Acquired.

BUREAU OF TRADE is a shopping and discovery experience for men–a unique blend of media and commerce working in service of a vision called Transactional Entertainment. With venture backing from Foundation Capital, Founder Collective, and Founders Fund, the BUREAU is dedicated to finding, curating, and selling affordable rarities from around the globe. Classic cars and vintage chronographs. Mummy cartonage. Petrified lightning. Furniture. Literature. LPs. And more. Not just products, but truly narrative merchandise. Everything a man wants or needs to present a more complete and compelling portrait of themselves, and their real values.

We will not let you down.

In the event that a product or purchase recommended by THE BUREAU fails to meet your expectations, please let us know immediately. You always have eBay Buyer’s Protection, but we want to help remedy and resolve the situation. Your happiness and satisfaction trump all other considerations. Write or call. Signal or scream. We’ll make ourselves available immediately. We’re here, for you.

For questions or help, please call us at:

(415) 967-1198

Or email us at:


Michael Phillips Moskowitz, Founder / CEO
Dennis Yang, Co-Founder / VP of Product
Micah Fitzerman-Blue, Co-Founder / Editorial Director
Meredith Lantz, Director of Business Operations
Leila Ertel, Site Producer


Foundation Capital
Founder Collective
Tech Fellows


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